About Me

hi there! i'm aly. thanks for visiting my little space here. i guess you clicked here to find out a bit about me?

well, i am married to my high school sweetheart. we have now been together for fourteen years [married for seven] and i would not have chosen to do life any other way. somehow i just knew that i would marry this boy, from the time i was sixteen years old... i just knew. we have a history. it's far from perfect and portions of it are filled with lots of heartbreak, but it's us. and i love it. and i love him. he's a high school football coach and administrator at the same school. he loves our kids beautifully and i can't even tell you how much i've learned from him in our fourteen years.

we have two beautiful girls: 4-and-a-half and almost 2, and a brand new baby boy. my oldest is simply delightful. sweet and funny and smart, she makes everyone around her melt. maybe i'm biased, but she's an absolute gem. and the middle sister? she just plain LOVES life. and she's obsessed with her big sis. she's my little daredevil, complete opposite of her sister. i don't know how i could have considered my life to be complete before her. it is so unreal how God fills you with a capacity to love and protect and cherish another little life, without taking one ounce away from your other children. [you can read more about my thoughts on motherhood by clicking here. ] 

and just this october we added our little man to the mix. he's a mini-me of his daddy and so precious to me. we weren't expecting to have a third baby so soon, if at all, so he is definitely an unexpected gift.

i run a little online print shop where i mostly sell scripture prints. some are digitally designed, some hand-drawn. you can check it out here: Blossom & Vine. i also sell my designs on iPhone cases, iPad cases, and lots of other fun things

some things i really love:
writing. dreaming. creating. coffee. snowboarding. targetanthropologie's home wares. designing. singing. occasional songwriting. organizing. finding a great deal. decorating. romantic comedies. beth moore. gelato. date night. natural living: organics, local farms, non-toxic cleaning products, alternative medicine, etc. the look of books on a bookshelfEtsy. fall & christmastime.... 

my heart for this blog is to share Truth. God's Truth. to give you a little glimpse of my life's joys and struggles, offering the hope that Jesus Christ can take what little we have to offer and turn it into something worthwhile and beautiful. at all times, i hope to present the Truth clearly and my deepest desire is that you know that i don't have it all figured out, except for the fact that He has it figured out and has given me everything i need in His Word and His Spirit working through me. my life began to change dramatically the day i started believing His Word in place of the lies i believe from others or from the enemy. i want that for you too.

[click here] for some of my favorite posts. thanks for sticking around!

** all photos are by Melissa Sniff and are copyrighted. please do not use without permission **


  1. I love that we have girls almost the exact same age! And not even kidding, they are THE most adorable girls ever. For real.

  2. yay for high school sweethearts! my husband and I have been together for 12 years too and married for 5. found you through Tiny Twig :)


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